Friday, November 2, 2018

Free IT Certifications

3CX - 3CX Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Engineer v15 -
CyberArk - Level 1 Trustee Certified - -
Fortinet - Network Security Expert 1 - -
New Relic - New Relic Certified Performance Pro - -
Nintex - Salesforce and SharePoint Certifications - -
Nutanix - Nutanix Certified Professional 5.5 - - Until 11/27/2018
Palo-Alto - PAN-OS 7 & 8 Accredited Configuration Engineer - -
Silver Peak - Silver Peak SD-WAN Professional - -
Snowflake - Various Cloud related - -
Thycotic - Privileged Password Security Certification - -
Zerto - Zerto Certified Professional - -
Zyxel - Zyxel Certified Network Professional - -


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